• Naturally improved digestion
  • Boost energy levels
  • Clearer Skin

Turkey tail

An all-natural immunomodolation remedy that is scientifically proven to increase antioxidant and immune functions in the body

Cognitive Performance

Lion's Mane

A cognitive enhancer that can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and repairs nerve damage

energy & libido


From improved energy levels to enhanced libido, Cordyceps increases endurance, cardio and boosts sleep quality



A natural remedy proven to fight fatigue, leading to increased awareness, greater mental focus and reduced tiredness

cardiovascular health


A rich source of dietary fiber which reduces bad cholesterol levels aiding in cardiovascular health abd reducing inflammation

weight loss


A source of various B vitamins that increase energy production in our cells, increased mental clarity and enhances mood



A potent and natural antioxidant know for its powerful anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties


Royal sun

A natural substance which has been proven effective against autoimmune disorders and allergies without nasty side-effects

gut health

White button

One of the only non-animal food sources naturally rich in lovastatin, an important inhibitor of cholesterol production

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Creatine Monohydrate


They got really good pricing for what you get. They got a good selection of natural products that I already use on a daily basis. Subscription option is super convenient so I never run out.

Brandon J.

Brain Boost Complex/Lion's Mane


Been using Brain Boost & Lions' mane every day before work and my productivity has been way more effective. No longer crash midday or have mental fog.

Vincent F.

Men's Health Bundle


Having healthy optimal hormones is a game changer, performance has felt way better in the gym, & my recovery has been sped up. A good multivitamin for immune support is a solid plus as well!

Joe M.

Hair, Skin & Nails


Been using this product for about two weeks and have noticed my hair & nails are stronger and healthier.

Katherine B.

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